Parenting / Family Dynamics

Viewing you as the expert in your life, we will work to help you organise your thinking and behaviour patterns to navigate stages and transitions in your life cycle, and focus on your health and strengths rather than your dysfunctions and deficits.

We understand that there are specific tasks associated with our individual and our family life cycles, and that sometimes we can become derailed as we move from one stage to the next. Thus, we see our role as to collaborate with you so you can resume your journey and get back on track effectively.

We will work with you on developing a shared understanding of your personal development, as well as simultaneously exploring how this is interwoven with your couple and family relationships. We will strive to create an environment where you are safe to begin your navigation through these developmental stages which open up for you and offer you the opportunity to address issues of grief and loss in relation to endings and new beginnings. In addition, your roles, needs and values will be incorporated in all potential therapeutic goals formed with the express understanding that what constitutes an improved relationship for one family member may not be construed that way by all members.