Relationship / Couples Counselling

relationships-imageProviding relationship and couples counselling gives realistic hope without promising too much or raising false expectations. We will work to assist you in the development of strategies that aim to provide opportunity for you to develop more open, fulfilling and honest relationships through looking at relationship patterns, communication skills, and emotional transactions.

Working to help you avoid repeating mistakes and falling into patterns of ‘unworkable’ behaviour, we aim to assist you in uncovering any unhelpful beliefs you may hold or attitudes toward relationships that may be damaging, and point you in the direction of creating an authentic, loving, intimate long-term relationship.

Who is couples counselling for? It may be for you if:

  • Your relationship is out of shape and you’d like to work on rebuilding it
  • Your relationship is reasonably fine and you’d like to deepen it
  • Your relationship is, or has been, touched by a breach of trust (cheating, lying, stealing etc.)
  • You relationship has ended and you would like to work together to raise your children
  • You are not currently in a relationship but would like to work through the issues of your last one
  • You have participated in couples counselling to address a specific issue and you would like to come in for a ‘tune up’ of your skills and have the ‘temperature’ of your relationship checked.